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Let's make this a Rookie Blue week by continuing the trend. Our first man crush monday goes to Sam Swarek, played by American-Candian actor, Ben Bass.

Ben Bass plays Officer Sam Swarek on Global/ABC's Rookie Blue (2010-2015). Sam Swarek represents the typical bad boy with the heart of gold that feels deeply even with his tragic past.

We meet Sam on day one when his undercover operation is burned by an overeager rookie that he didn't want to make look bad on her first day (iykyk). His gruff exterior and greasy hair (😏) make the viewer question the character. It's not long after, kicking lockers in aside, that we see the sarcastic, but entirely lovable, Sam.

Over the course of the first few episodes, it's normal to have a love/hate relationship with the character. We're trying to find our footing in this world. Who can we trust? Who do we root for? By mid-season, or immediately if you're me, you form this deep attachment to Sam and want to learn more.

Throughout the seasons we learn more and more about this complex character that makes us want to protect him from the world. From his terrible past and any heartache that will come his way. So when his best friend is taken from him and then he loses the love of his life based on his own stupidity? We want to hug and shake him at the same time. He can't help but self-sabotage because if he can keep someone at arm's length, that means he doesn't have to lose them.

Love and loss are the two strongest emotions we can feel and Sam Swarek feels them both deeply. He's fiercely overprotective of those he loves. And he would do anything for them. But, with a complicated past comes a complicated character. Which, let's be real, a one-dimensional happy character is never the one we root for. We root for those who are messy, have depth, and bring the complexity to the screen. Sam Swarek wouldn't be the amazing character he is without Ben Bass and his portrayal.

Ben Bass brings Sam Swarek to life the way no other character could. A simple look can convey a thousand emotions that make the viewer's heart expand and break all at once. Without any words, we can feel deeply in regard to what the character is experiencing. As a viewer, you can't help but want the best for this character, because he deserves it.

As Sam develops over the seasons, opens up to Andy, becomes a father, and eventually marries the love of his life, he finally gets what he deserves, a family. Even if it isn't traditional, because it's what he deserves. To finally overcome the obstacles and just be happy which he finally achieves. Any man who brushes noses frequently with the woman he loves deserves the world.

I will leave you with one of the best scenes of the series. Because Sam Swarek deserves the world and I will forever be grateful for Ben Bass. Credit to the Rookie Blue official Youtube Page. Visit for extraordinary goodness.

Haven't seen Rookie Blue? Watch for free on the Roku Channel or purchase through Prime Video, you won't regret it.

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