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Ashes by Andy Brown is the anthem of McSwarek shippers finally getting what they always wanted, to see Sam and Andy give in to their chemistry.

Yes, we can arguably say they already gave into desire back in season one during the blackout. But that doesn't count. They were rudely interrupted and Andy was still scared of what she felt for Sam. At this moment, she was finally free, she knew exactly what she wanted. And what she wanted, was Sam.

And I just want my heart to fall apart Probably should have told you all along

After the blackout, Sam skipped to work and was crushed by Luke's declaration of Andy going to a fishing cabin not to fish. Heartbroken, Sam throws away the coffee and beats Luke's ass in retraining.

Andy and Sam weren't ready at that moment. She needed to learn how to trust her instincts and know that sometimes the "safe" option isn't always the best choice. So in a way, I'm thankful for that. They were never going to be a quick hook-up but rather long-term no matter how many hurdles they needed to clear.

When Andy follows Sam back to the apartment, Sam is still cautious. "If you don't leave now, there's no going back," Sam says. He couldn't handle her leaving a second time. Almost having her but still slipping through his fingers. His heart couldn't take it. She whispers, "I don't want to go back." That's all he needed, her confirmation, her to make the move.

Just like the lyrics state, "probably should have told you all along" because McSwarek were inevitable. Endgame before they even knew.

I should have told you from the first time I saw your eyes Beautiful Well, I should have told you all along

In the pilot episode, Andy tackles his greasy head and tries to kiss him. If you ask me, this is the moment he fell in love. By the end of the second episode, he was even more intrigued by this angelic, allergic-to-silence, rookie. They both held in their attraction because it was forbidden. Once it wasn't forbidden, Andy was too afraid to act so she stayed with Luke. Going through the motions while pretending Sam was just her friend or "the best mistake of her life."

Finally, after years of pining, Sam had her in his arms. He should have told her all along.

Watch the scene, with the perfect song, here.

This concludes our Rookie Blue week. But rest assured, our favorites will be back, we can't stay away from them too long.

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