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As June comes to a close we must highlight some of the best LGBTQIA+ couples on TV both past and present. We can all agree on one thing: these couples deserve(d) their happy ending with much more screentime.

1. Kat and Adena, The Bold Type

One of our favorite couples is Kat and Adena from The Bold Type, played by Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri, started early on in season one. Adena helped Kat grow into the person she is today. Learn how to love and be loved. We don’t know if it was for storyline reasons or contract reasons but Adena was only a main character for season two, recurring for the rest. We can't help but ask ourselves, why mess with a good thing? Happy couples are boring, we agree, but those that never stand a chance? Even worse.

Adena is Kat's soulmate whether the writers make the smart choice or not. They spent way too much time trying to get Kat to play the field and then humanize a conservative republican instead of embracing the magic they had.

The Bold Type used to be one of the most important television shows. One of the reasons was the love story between these two incredible women. Somehow the writers lost their way. Aisha Dee has even spoken out against the storylines last season. The series is coming to a close this week and we hope that the writers give Kat and Adena the ending they deserve. After last week's episode, we have hope but we're a bit nervous.

2. TK and Carlos, 9-1-1: Lonestar

Let's be real, there isn't enough TK, played by Ronen Rubinstein, and Carlos, played by Rafael Silva, on 9-1-1: Lonestar. They deserve more screentime than they actually get. In the series first episode we meet TK and learn pretty quickly that this will be a complex character, suffering from addiction and a struggling relationship with his father. When his father takes a Captain job in Texas, TK goes with him for a fresh start.

Carlos is also introduced to us in the first episode as a police officer in Austin, Texas. Sparks fly the minute they meet in the field. Like many of our favorite couples, these two try to keep it casual while slowly falling in love right in front of us. When TK is shot, it becomes clear that Carlos can't stay away. Their relationship continues to grow as Carlos becomes more integrated with the 126 as they are free to be themselves.

Over the last three seasons, we've seen this relationship continue to grow. And even get to the point that Carlos's family starts to accept TK. We can't wait for season four to see what's in store but let's hope that the writers give them more screentime.

3. Hen and Karen, 9-1-1

Hen, played by Aisha Hinds, and Karen, played by Tracie Thoms, are one of the most stable relationships on FOX's 9-1-1. But they weren't always.

In season one, we learn that Hen has an ex, Eva, in jail that is Denny's biological mother. In a moment of severe weakness, Hen cheats on Karen with Eva that leads to a custody battle. Karen finds about the affair when served with papers to try and claim custody of Denny. Devastated Karen leaves Hen for a while but eventually, they find their way back together.

Karen is incredibly supportive of Hen as she pursues a career as a doctor. Her love and confidence in the family keep them together. The family that Hen and Karen have created with Denny has extended to fostering other children. Recently they fostered a little girl named Nia. Although devastating when Nia went back to her mother, we're hopeful that these two can stay in her life. We can't wait to see what the next season has in store for these two.

4. Kevin and Scotty, Brothers & Sisters

Kevin, played by Matthew Rhys, and Scotty, played by Luke Macfarlane, was my reason for hanging on to Brothers and Sisters (besides Justin played by Dave Annable but that's another post). Scotty and Kevin had a rocky start. They first met when Scotty was a witness in a case Kevin was trying. Originally, Kevin was jealous of Scotty and his ability to be himself.

As they began to date, we saw the ability Scotty had to lighten up Kevin and make him more likable. However, money quickly became an issue between these two and it didn't dissipate for a while. Thankfully, they were able to overcome their issues and get married. Scotty fits into Kevin's family perfectly which is successful in itself as the Walker's are an acquired taste. At points, the Walker's probably liked Scotty more than Kevin.

Unfortunately, we have to address the atrocity that was the last season for these two. Although they were happy with two children at the end of the series, it wasn't easy. Between the uncharacteristic cheating from Scotty and the secret child that their surrogate kept from them, we couldn't just enjoy happiness. But, we are happy to say that these two were endgame and that's all that matters.

5. Coop and Patience, All American

All American is hands-down one of the best television shows. One of the best couples? Coop and Patience with their true ride-or-die relationship. Like any other teenage couple, they don't come without their problems.

Coop, played by Bre-Z, brings the light to somber struggles while Patience, played by Chelsea Tavares, provides unwavering support. Even when Coop falters and doesn't do the same. These two balance each other wonderfully while bringing us the sweetest moments. In season two we see Coop become jealous of Patience when she begins to get attention for her singing. When Coop starts working with Layla, their singing careers start to coexist.

We're finally seeing them support each other and removing some of the frequent angst that they dealt with. It's clear the love these two have for each other and we can't wait to see what their future holds.

6. Omar and Ander, Elite

Omar, played by Omar Ayuso, and Ander, played by Aron Piper, are part of the international drama Elite on Netflix. Omar comes from a religious background with a family that is unaccepting while Ander comes from an affluent family that pressures him to be perfect. When they meet, it's an unexpected and passionate love. These two do not come without their issues but if they don't make your heart flutter, are you alive?

Ander and Omar have been through a lot for the average teenager. Murder aside???? One of the first things we see them work through is coming to terms with their sexuality and dealing with the fallout from their families. These two waivered at times but showed what it means to be in love, in sickness and health. Although Ander pushed Omar away when diagnosed with leukemia, they found their way back to one another.

If anyone deserves their happy ending after their angst-riddled relationships, it's these two.

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