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We're breaking our Rookie Blue streak to discuss one of the most puzzling endings in TV history ... The Sopranos Series Finale. Happy 14 year anniversary to the black screen and many screaming fans.

Two years ago, I watched the complete Sopranos series for the first time. My parents had both seen bits and pieces of the show but didn't remember much. It was then we decided it should be our next show to binge (yes, I binge watch TV with my parents + sister).

My father was obviously more addicted than the rest of us but we're an Italian family so we could relate to some of the nuances. We were only three episodes until the end of the series when I taught my father how to use the Smart TV. He couldn't wait for us to come home from work so he took it upon himself to finish early.

As I'm sitting in my third class for the day (I'm a teacher) I get a frantic text message from my father that our TV went out. I instantly knew the scene he was on. Although I never fully watched, I was aware of this pop culture phenomenon that had everyone talking.

Another text message followed:

Let's just say, like everyone else, the family was not happy with the ending. As a society we want closure, we want answers, and the finale was far from that.

Now, 14 years later, there are still many theories floating around, but will we ever know the truth? Did Tony Soprano really die in those final moments? Personally, I believe that we're watching through the perspective of Tony as he clings to his family, to life, but slowly loses the battle, ending with the black screen. David Chase, the creator of the show, seemingly confirmed this in a 2020 interview but many are still denying the fact.

We'll never really know what happened to Tony Soprano and if you think about it, for this show, it might just be perfect. The show is about the mafia, not a Hallmark movie with a happy ending. After all the deaths, some I will never get over, did we really expect anything else?

Watch Sopranos with an HBO MAX subscription.

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