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Last year, like many, I was struggling. One thing that was always the one constant in my life was TV. It had this innate ability to get me out of whatever funk I'm in. However, in 2020, nothing was working. I must've gone through dozens of shows and couldn't get past an opening sequence, never mind an entire episode or season.

Then, I was introduced to Pose. There wasn't much to lose so I said, why not, let's try it. It was the moment, that closed out the episode, that brought me so much joy that I felt hopeful again. We all go through those tough times but there is something that can draw us out. The joy at this moment brought me out of some of my darkest times and I'll never forget it.

Pose is set in the 1980s and follows an ensemble cast as they navigate the New York City ball scene. The story takes us through the hardships and triumphs of the gay and trans community while addressing the height of the AIDS crisis. Relationships, friendships, mentors and mentees, this show has it all and showcases it in one of the best ways possible.

The show does an incredible job giving a voice to those that are grossly underrepresented. As the characters navigate some of the most heartbreaking, and heartwarming stories, we want to see them succeed and be loved like they truly deserve.

We lose some pivotal characters over the course of the series but none as heartbreaking as the last one. Although we wanted this show to end on the happiest note possible, we know it's not realistic. This show gives us the best of storytelling, realness, and pure heart. We celebrate the achievements right alongside our favorites. Hope for the best, always want more.

Some of our favorite moments are in the ballroom. Exquisite dresses, make-up, routines, and laughter. I dare you not to smile while watching this amazing group of characters being utterly free in who they are.

If you're not watching Pose, you're making a mistake. The first two seasons of Pose can be found on Netflix. The final season is available on FX.

And I leave you with this .... live .... love .... POSE.

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