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If you're reading this, thank you for taking the chance on me. Please bear with me as I find my footing and iron out any wrinkles related to this small business and blog. My hope is to share everything I love, and sometimes dislike, about the tv world with you.

For years my passion has been related to tv shows, joining fandoms, and crying over the perfect ship. My first obsession can be dated to 2002 when I started watching General Hospital with my mother. Yes, age 9, and I was already addicted to a soap (and, yes, I still watch although I couldn't tell you why). Gluing myself to the screen every day at 3PM to watch Jason pursue Courtney behind Sonny's back. They were my first "forbidden lovers" troupe and will always hold a special place in my heart.

As I got older, I started to invest myself in many different tv shows, my life changed completely when I was introduced to One Tree Hill. It was here that my love for television had solidified and grew exponentially. I would watch tv as a child but never understood the process. Watching more reruns than new episodes of shows like Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, and Degrassi: The Next Generation. Eventually, I would go on to learn the horrors of cancellation season and upfronts. (You mean every show doesn't get to go on forever?????)

This brings me to today, in 2021, where I finally brought myself to do the one thing I was always afraid of, share my thoughts through a blog that analyzed my favorite, and sometimes not-so-favorite moments, related to tv. A space where we can come together and talk about everything from nostalgic shows to current tv. My laundry list of fandoms continues to grow.

So where do I start? Well, I've decided, ambitiously, to dedicate each day to something new. While my hope is to have people join me, these opinions will begin as my own.

Join me as we fangirl together. Comment suggestions below, tweet me @bymariamichele or email me at

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