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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

she's got a lions heart this one.

Andy McNally is a bundle of joy that deserves to be protected at all cost. Anyone that wants to get to Andy, needs to go through me, and obviously Sam Swarek.

Andy McNally is played by the lovely Missy Peregrym who lights up every screen that she's on. It doesn't take long for any viewer to become immediately attached to Andy as we navigate her trials and tribulations. We're also there celebrating the good moments with her, especially when she gets her happy ending.

If there's ever been a character I related to, it's Andy. Growing up she had very little control over her life. Her mother left unexpectedly and was raised by her cop father who struggled with addiction. Due to this, control was something she needed, even with the small things. Making plans, striving for the best, making sure that everyone in her life was taken care of, even if this took a toll on her. She didn't know how to be anyone or anything else. The brave face she would wear every day just to get through, not to be a burden. Behind the beautiful smile was also someone who struggled, a lot. She grew up to be fiercely brave and relentlessly optimistic even with the cards that she was dealt. Trust is hard, if you don't let someone in, you won't be hurt. Being independent was the only way she knew to protect herself. No one can leave if you don't let them in.

Because of her upbringing, and her need for control, Andy takes the safe route in life. She follows the rules, she chooses the safe guy, she makes 5-10-15-20 year plans, she does what's expected of her. We see her follow this closely for the first two seasons but she's challenged by her fellow officer, Sam Swarek, which is what she needs. She starts to learn that not everything has to be perfect, to throw caution to the wind because it's important to make you happy. Put yourself first.

There's a scene in episode 10 of season two where Andy and Sam discuss Halloween candy. Not surprisingly, Andy saves the good candy for the right moment while Sam eats it right away. She does this because once you eat the good candy, it's gone, it's over. There's nothing to look forward to. If you continuously put it off, it will always be there. (If anyone knows about avoidance, it's me) Unfortunately, that's not how life works. Sometimes you miss out on the opportunities because you never eat the good candy. Sam teaches Andy that it's okay to live in the moment, enjoy the things you want, give up some of the control.

There's a lyric but my favorite artist, Taylor Swift, in one of her songs:

You made a rebel out of a careless man's careful daughter.

Instantly, while listening, we can attribute this to Andy. She throws out her 5-10-15-20 year plan once she realizes that she can't let Sam go undercover without him knowing how she feels. Unfortunately for Andy, she misses out on the opportunity, as he leaves early, because of her need to control and plan. There's a cheesy saying "we miss 100% of the shots we don't take." But when you're someone who strives for control, you don't take chances because you need guarantees. What if causes too much stress because what if it backfires?

Over the next couple of weeks, Andy misses Sam deeply. When she runs into him during the undercover scavenger hunt, she chooses this moment to finally be with him instead of abiding by the rules. Control-freak Andy McNally gave in to what she wanted for once. While this does bring about a mountain of consequences, she can't regret it. She found someone who was worth it because he challenges her, he's there when it matters, and she needs someone who will let her be.

All I wanted for Andy McNally through this series was to sure pure and utter joy on her face. Those moments are perfect and make me feel like I'm watching my best friend succeed. In her final moments of the season, she's with her partner, her friends, and her family. And that's all that matters. Andy McNally deserves the world and she finally has it.

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